Comments on the Book & Photos



9 thoughts on “Comments on the Book & Photos

  1. Congratulations on getting into print, fame will surely follow. The pictures look fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading the book and giving it pride of place on the bookshelf. Liam


  2. Having followed your blog from the beginning I am really looking forward to reading this book! Your adventures and comments were very thoughtful and insightful! So glad you have turned it into a book. Just ordered it.


  3. Nicely done Zeke! I sailed with you, and read your blog – extensively. I intuited a book should be in the making. Your storytelling was too good not to be put into print. Fair winds!


  4. I have just finished Zeke’s book. I really enjoyed reading this thoughtful, well written book of his far ranging and fascinating trip. Having been a regular reader of the blog as he sailed around the world I found it a pleasure to re-read his adventures and experiences as history. When blogging neither he nor we as readers knew what was going to happen next or what his evolving thoughts would be from day to day. Now he has digested his two years aboard No Regrets, and he provides an insightful look at the worlds he encountered — not a tourist brochure view nor that of a scientist. We read it from the perspective of someone willing to see beyond the preconceived or the obvious or the cliched. He writes clearly about what he experienced of the people and cultures he encountered, as well as living aboard with a changing crew as the odyssey progressed. A more than satisfying voyage for the reader!


  5. Your understated title reminds me of my grandfather’s highest praise. He was a gruff old guy and the best he could bring himself to utter when something or someone was praiseworthy was “most satisfactory”. I find your book just so.


  6. Congratulations on completing your book. Fabulous picture selection Zeke. The pictures are great and I am sure they are worth a thousand words. Can’t wait to read the book.


  7. Hey Zeke following your trip as it happened via your posts was like being with you folks. But the colorized version of the book has so much more detail. It is like we are on the journey together this time except I am not sea sick.


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