Cuba, San Blas, Panama Canal

Across the Gulf Stream from Key West to Cuba…San Blas islands off of Panama (but a world apart)…Portobelo…Shelter Bay Marina near the Canal entrance. A tour ashore, then through the Panama Canal to the Pacific.

Gulf Stream Crossing BIG
Photo didn’t make it into the book, but illustrates our peaceful Gulf Stream crossing.

San Blas Fish BIGSan Blas Radio En Route BIGSan Blas Dinner En Route BIG


Havana, Cuba

Havana Restaurant BIG
Ernest Hemingway ate here. So did we.


San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas Molas2
Not wanting their faces photographed, despite agreeing to it. I’m so glad I purchased this mola. I see it every day and it always makes me smile!


San Blas Lowlands BIG
San Blas will be an early casualty of rising sea level.


San Blas Arrived BIG


San Blas Rio Diablo Friend BIG


San Blas Tech BIG


Portobelo, Panama

Portobello Mural BIG


Portobello Fort2 BIG


Panama Black Christ


Portobello Pellicans BIG


Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

Panama Shelter Bay BIG


Panama/Canal Tour

Panama Swing Bridge BIG   Panama Panamax BIG


Panama New Ditch BIG
New lock, and lock gate being moved into place. The scale is hard to take in; note the car 2/3 of the way down — looks like a toy! Gate is 100′ tall.


Panama Old City BIG


Panama Hats BIG    Panama Whitehouse BIG


Panama Canal

Panama Happy Crew BIG


Panama Gatun Approach BIG


Panama Gatun Lock BIG


Panama Gatun Lake BIG    Panama Linethrower


Panama Miraflores Up BIGPanama Miraflores Down BIG

Panama Webcam Up BIGPanama Webcam Down BIG


Panama Lock DownUp BIG
As we go down, the ship in the adjacent lock is going up!
Panama New City BIG
Panama City


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