Indian Ocean

Cocos Keeling (Australia), 2000 miles to Rodrigues (Mauritius), Mauritius, La Reunion (France), 1400 miles to Durban (South Africa).

Cocos Keeling Anchorage


Cocos Keeling Signature Tree

Cocos Keeling Mural


Cocos Keeling Beach


Indian Ocean Bird2


Indian Ocean Waves6


Indian Ocean Waves8


Indian Ocean Waves4


Indian Ocean Waves7


Indian Ocean Rodrigues Ahead
Rodrigues ahead

Rodrigues Boat

Rodrigues TC

Rodrigues Town

Rodrigues Freedom Statue


Rodrigues Sunset


Mauritius Approach
Approaching Port Louis, Mauritius

Mauritius Customs Dock


Mauritius Color

Mauritius Dance

Mauritius Condos


Reunion Le Port
Le Port, La Reunion

Reunion Jumbo Car

Reunion Roads1A

Reunion Roads2

Reunion Roads3


Reunion View6


Reunion View2


Reunion View3


Reunion View4


Reunion View5


Durban Liam Queasy

Durban Nora Queasy


Durban Marina


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