Passage to Australia, Mackay, and some photos from traveling ashore that aren’t in the book.

Oz Assistance1  Oz Assistance2


Oz Slings


Oz Croc


Oz View.jpg


Oz Rock Art


Oz Wallabe2


OZ Billabong


Oz View2


Oz Rock Art2
Rock art “signed” per hand prints
Oz Pandanus Weaving
Preparing pandanus leaves for weaving

Oz Travels


Oz Jim Jim Falls
Jim Jim Falls…in the dry season
Oz Rock Art3
The rock art ranged from thousands of years old to relatively recent. Here there are old depictions of a fish, a wallaby, a turtle, and a new (obviously) image of a white man.
Oz Indu
Indu, fellow traveler and new friend.

Oz Drinks


Oz Fruit Bat
Fruit bat, on dock line.
Oz Sailing North
Sailing north toward Thursday Island

Oz Sailing Crew


Oz Wallable3


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