French Polynesia

3,000 miles across the Pacific, Marquesas, Tuamotus, and Society Islands.

Transpac At Sea


Transpac Sunset


Transpac Dual Spinnakers
Trying to fly two spinnakers may have added little to our speed, but it entertained us for hours…


Transpac Hiva Oa


Transpac Torn Screecher BIG
Repairing screecher


MarquesasTranspac Arrived


Marq TattooMarq Tattoo2


Marq Tikis Crop


Marq Ua Pou Ahead2


Marq Ua Pou Mayor


Marq Ua Pou No Regrets
No Regrets anchored at Ua Pou


Marq Ua Pou Dancers2


Marq Ua Pou Dancers3


Marq Nuku Hiva
Nuku Hiva, our last anchorage in the Marquesas





Tuamotu No Regrets2


Tuamotu Sunset


Tuamotu No Regrets


Tuamotu Pearls
Cultivating black pearls

Tuamotu Pearl2


Tuamotu View


Society Islands

Tahiti Marina
Downtown Papeete, Tahiti


Society Anchor


Society Shallow Anchorage


Society NR Anchorage


Society Raiatea Sunset
Raiatea sunset


Society Bora Tour1
Bora Bora


Society Bora Tour2


Society Pareos

Society Daphne Coconut
Daphne shows the two-liter size coconut; plus a coconut crab

Society Bora Planning

Society Sharks


Society Self Portrait
Society Maupiti1


Society Maupiti View2


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