South Africa


Durban Hippo1


Durban Flying Goose


Durban Nyala Male


Durban Cape Buffalo2


Durban Zebra


Durban Rhino2


Durban Rhino3


Durban Cheetah


Durban Caracal2


Durban Elephant


Durban Giraffe


Durban Hippos2


Durban Croc


Durban Weaver Bird
Weaver bird

Durban Giraffes


Durban Zebra Injured
This zebra was apparently attacked by a lion the previous night, and somehow lived. But now the risk of infection looms.

Durban Long Drive

Durban Mandela Kids2

Durban Mandela Kids

Durban Mandela Sculpture1Durban Mandela Sculpture2


Durban Drakensberg1


Durban Drakensberg2


Durban Drakensberg Walk


Durban Drakensberg Rockart3


Durban Ardmore1


Durban Curry Shop


Durban 1000 Hills Drummer


Durban 1000 Hills Pair


Durban Webb Chiles
If you were Webb Chiles, you would sail around the world in this tiny boat!

Capetown Mosselbaai Peacock2


Capetown Mosselbaai Elephant


Capetown Mosselbaai Dias


Capetown Cape Agulhas Tot


Capetown Cape Agulhas Triumph


Capetown RCYC


Capetown Cape Fur Seals


Capetown Sunset


Capetown Approach


Capetown Approach2


Capetown Table Mountain1


Capetown Table Mountain2


Capetown Table Mountain3


Capetown Table Mountain4


Capetown Tour1
Seals at play, Haut Bay

Capetown Tour3


Capetown Good Hope1


Capetown Good Hope2


Capetown Penguin   Capetown Penguins


Capetown Tour10


Capetown Tour14


Capetown Tour13


Capetown Ostrich Ride


Capetown Ostrich Eggs   Capetown Ostrich


Capetown Fauna1

Capetown Flora4

Capetown Flora1

Capetown Flora3

Capetown Fauna2

Capetown Flora2

Capetown Flora5


Capetown Route to Date


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