Nasty weather between Tuvalu and Vanuatu, and amazing festivals.

Final Exam Weather1
Winds near our destination at the time we left
Final Exam Weather2
Abating wind predicted for our estimated arrival
Final Exam Weather3
What actually developed
Final Exam Plotter
Our unusual path avoiding the storm

Final Exam Sailing


Final Exam Fish   Final Exam Fillet


Final Exam Shower  Final Exam Bananas


Santo, Vanuatu

Final Exam Arrived



Vanuatu Tisvel Kathy Joseph
Kathy and Chief Joseph

Vanuatu Tisvel Bob iPad2


Vanuatu Tisvel No Regrets


Vanuatu Chief Joseph2  Vanuatu Canoe


Vanuatu Flower Welcome


Vanuatu Chiefs


Vanuatu Labo Dancer1


Vanuatu Labo Dancers2


Vanuatu Cooking1

Vanuatu Church  Vanuatu Labo Fala


Vanuatu Number One


Vanuatu Kids Waiting2


Vanuatu Ambrym Drummers


Vanuatu Man with Drums


Vanuatu Gifts
Gifting, an aspect of a chief moving up a rank.


Vanuatu Old Man  Vanuatu Girl Watching


Vanuatu Ambrym Men and Women


Vanuatu Rom and Cell Phone
Rom dancers and Chief Sekor, with cell phone in waistband!


Vanuatu Kipim Klin


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