Today I am announcing the availability of my book, A Satisfying Sail Around the World.

The ultimate cruise. Not to break speed records, not to face the extremes of high latitudes, not to be the youngest circumnavigator — this is world sailing for the rest of us. To meet the routine challenges of the sea, weather, breakdowns, and crew living in a confined space in stressful conditions. To savor the joys of the stars, the dolphins at the bows, the sensation of being moved by the wind, the islands appearing over the horizon, a welcome meal after a trying day. To more fully experience our home Earth, and meet a few of our distant brothers and sisters who share our home — so different and yet so the same, to better understand our own lives and place.

There are two editions of the book — one in black-and-white (grayscale), and one in color. With over 400 photos accompanying the story, the color version is great! But due to the high cost of publishing in color I also did the B&W version, and made all the color photos available on this website. Either way, get your copy here.

I have no publicist, no book tour lined up — I need you to buy a copy and if you enjoy it then write a good review here and/or on Amazon. If you don’t enjoy it, pass it on to someone who might!

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